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Gourmet Grocery sold me 4 boxes of beef hamburger patties T-bones some kind of peppercorn sirloin steak, all %100 Satisfaction Guaranteed, flavor and tenderness for 6 months. We have had them since Jan 5 2013, today is Jan 21, 2013

and the taste was and is discussing and uneatable, I could not drowned the awful flavor in the hamburger even the smell was an assault to the house), the black man walked away to the next house saying no they would not take it back and the white skinny guy ran and told the other guy “we can’t please everyone.”


Also a friend of ours was visiting and bought a box of fish and said it was awful as well!

I would have let it go, but the way they treated me today was not %100 guarantee They acted like thieves in the night taking off in there white truck of GOURMET GROCERY.


There is no freshness, flavor and tenderness for 6 months not even the same month.

Monetary Loss: $155.

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1st) I just got home from working outside all day to a couple of guys that were push-selling "over stock" inventory on my block...Which I admit falling for the "over stock" line. Later to find out when I was unpacking the meat for the freezer it had an expiration date that had passed 5 freakin' days ago!

And according to their brochure it has a freeze life for 6mo! HOW?? Are they meat genies!?!? Now I'm thinking, this is 6mo and 5 day old meat that they have been driving around in f-150's with a mini fridge bungee'd to the back.

Taking the meat out to show customers at every door while it is defrosting and being refreeze'd over and over every day for 6mo or at least all day that day! To get rid of inventory or to just make a profit by ripping the customer off at 2-3x the value of the meat.

2) Now, he was selling me the case of meat being at a price of $289 (Brochure price) for $100 less! Oh boy! But I couldn't afford that price, so I got it for $150.

Which I thought that was awesome until I noticed that I just bought CHICKEN for over $10 a pound! I thought I can save some time and money by buying off this "Gourmet Garbage" truck! to do the math later and find out I was played a fool.

Note: I grocery shop all the time and chicken by the pound for Publix Greenwise is around $4 a pound. But each chicken from Gourmet Grocery was individually wrapped which gave the illusion of there being a lot of chicken for my money.

The guy even claimed that the meat was "Greenwise comparable in quality". My boyfriend looked at the plain chicken when he got home from work and noticed it was a yellow tint....Greenwise is never a yellow in tint. Their regular chicken looks like that and it's $3 a pound.

3) Lastly! My favorite part!

:D I packed up all this meat in a cooler before work (I'm not local so it takes almost an hour to get to Pinellas Park) to drivvvvvvve down to their facility which looked like a garage/warehouse/storage unit thing! where it was located with no windows next to a mechanic! Pounded on the door after the first friendly knock to just return within the 3days they give you from the Brochure to get my refund. No BODY there.

I called the day I purchased the meat and left a message NO reply. I called on my way to the facility, again when I got there and knocked nicely on the door, called again after pounding on the door, then 1 more call on my way home with the meat in defeat to leave a final message...4 days later and nothing. Ridiculous! It has been a 1/2 week since it was purchased and still no call back.

.....Guess now I lost $150 and have a freezer full of expired meat! Looks like the family pet will wave the meal of her life!

Sebring, Florida, United States #873740

I agree. Horrible meat, horrible fish and very small portions. A total waste of money.

Pinellas Park, Florida, United States #857735

They only managed to *** me out of $30 for a box of steaks. I agree with you that the meat (probably ox) tasted funny, and didn't smell right.

Everyone beware. Just buy your meat at the grocery store or market.

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